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How to Journal as a Form of Meditation

Numerous individuals can attest to the qualities and virtues of journaling. It is a great strategy that you can use to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Along with …

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Journal Junk Unboxing July 2022: Sweet Happiness Rules

It’s July and summer is almost over. I’ll be honest with you, I’m struggling with the transition from hot to cold weather and my body is screaming for ice cream …

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Journal Junk Unboxing June 2022: Summer is for Self Care

What better way to enjoy the summer than by taking a little time for yourself? The June box is designed to help you get ready for summer, whether that means …

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Journal Junk Unboxing May 2022: Keep Calm and Eat Fruit

Just in time for summer, the Keep Calm and Eat Fruit box is filled with items to keep track of your daily tasks —and to do it all while feeling …

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Journal Junk Unboxing April 2022: Live Like Flowers

“Live like a flower” is just what spring is telling us: let all your feelings bloom, flourish and be happy. There are so many things in your life that you …

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Essential Journal Routine: Tea Time

Do you ever begin to feel tired and have difficulty focusing on your creative projects or journaling session as the afternoon wears on?   Tea time is the key! Here are …

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Journal Junk Unboxing March 2022: Meet Me in Paris

Close your eyes and picture yourself in Paris. The streets are filled with the sights and sounds of lively cafes, tiny boutiques, and beautifully constructed landscapes. Escape to the City …

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Journal Junk Unboxing February 2022: Love is Love

Love is love and it’s a beautiful thing. Love yourself and learn to love others. February is a perfect time to journal your heart out and express your deepest thoughts …

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Journal Crafts to Get You Inspired

Let your gifts and talents blossom! It’s National Crafting Month!   For this week, let’s talk about top tips on how to use stickers in your journals and projects. You’ll …

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Journal Junk Unboxing January 2022: Keep Growing

Keep growing! Spread your roots. Start where you are, and make something beautiful. The January Box “Keep Growing” motivated our box babes to keep growing throughout the year. A great …

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